Yes Virginia, Feminists Do Wear Lipstick


This is to all the feminists that feel like we need to conform to the image what feminists are suppose to look like. We don’t have to change who we are to be a feminist we can wear makeup, we can wear dresses and dance on table tops if we want to that doesn’t make us less of a feminist.

Feminism is about being free to be the women we want to be right? So why am I being told that my dress and my makeup makes me less of a feminist? I am the woman I want to be it just so happens that I like to wear makeup and glitter and wear dresses. My choice to go out to a club and flirt with guys and shake my ass on the dance floor doesn’t make me less of a feminist either. It doesn’t mean that I am conforming to society to make men more comfortable it means that I am doing what makes me happy what makes me comfortable and you telling me that I don’t look or act “feminist enough” is not going to change who I am. That is what being a feminist is all about not conforming to what others think you should be just because you are a woman, it’s about having the right to be free to do what we want and to not have to live under anyone’s definition of how a woman should look , act, or dress.

How is the way I choose to look hurting our movement? I can kick a misogynistic ass holes ass in my 6 inch stilettos, makeup including glitter, a push up bra and a dress or I can do it in my steel toed combat boots, jeans and a tee-shirt. His ass is still getting kicked either way but my stiletto can do way more damage than my boots will ever do. To the patriarchal society I may look like a sweet woman who is conforming to what women my age are suppose to look like according to their standards but doesn’t that give me the advantage I can get behind enemy lines and kill patriarchy in its sleep.

It takes all kinds to make a movement work. The only criteria I think it takes to be a feminist is that you have a vagina and you believe in and fight for all women’s rights and equality for women. Do you want to know what a feminist looks like women? Look in the mirror that is what a feminist looks like.

So yes Virginia feminists do wear lipstick, Lets go put on our red lipstick, mini skirts, stilettos and lets go kick some patriarchal ass!

About Beth Dortch

I am an unofficial student meaning I am not enrolled in school but I am surrounded by very educated organizers from many different movements who have lived history and have accepted me as a student and young leader.

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4 Responses
  1. Question says:

    Oh, ok. There wasn’t a comma after it, so it seemed like an adjective instead of a noun. Thanks for the clarification.

  2. Question says:

    I thought this blog was for West Virginia? I’m not saying this isn’t relevant to all feminists, just wondering.

    • Unofficial Student says:

      The Yes Virginia comes from Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus. This was meant for all Feminists Virginia being a name not a state.

  3. Question says:

    I thought this blog was for West Virginia? Not saying this isn’t relevant to all feminists, just wondering.