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9-1-1 isn’t the only Emergency Number

9-1-1 isn’t the only Emergency Number
9-1-1 is the number to dial when someone commits a crime, needs medical assistance, or a building is on fire, but what about other emergency situations that occur in everyday life? For instance, who do you call when you need child care at a moment’s notice, financial assistance for utilities, housing, etc., or need food, counseling, or substance abuse treatment? Sure, if you already have a social worker at DHHR, you could go to them, but that means setting up an appointment which might not be until weeks after you call. If you don’t have a DHHR social worker, then include a bunch of sign-up paperwork before the actual appointment. The answer is, call 2-1-1. The phone number connects people with a program actually funded by a grant from DHHR and is also affiliated with United Way and AIRS. This service is just like 9-1-1 in the sense that it is free to call and connects you with the services you need. Not only do they cover the situations listed above, but an array of other topics are offered also such as, homelessness, education, employment, legal assistance, transportation, and much more. This service should be as widely known as 9-1-1, so spread the word! The same service is provided online at 211.org, and 211us.org provides more information on the program.

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Nicole Kramer is a student at WVU, majoring in English and planning to continue her education to receive her master's in Public Administration. Her hometown is in Webster County, West Virginia, where she grew up in poverty, as many from the county do. She is concerned with issues in the state such as poverty, welfare, and assistance awareness and money-saving information for the public.

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