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You Don’t Know Me – Why Assume

People make assumptions all the time without even thinking about it.  It’s time to start thinking about it. You don’t know me so why are you making assumptions about me?

I got this notice the other day for an important meeting in my county. The notice didn’t say anything about children being welcome or that they would have childcare there so I didn’t go. I know I had some valuable information I could have shared. Maybe I would have learned something new at this meeting too. But because I have children and don’t have another parent in the home to watch them, or have the luxury of money to hire someone to watch them, I didn’t go.

See the organization that was calling this meeting assumed either a) I didn’t have children or b) I had someone who could watch my children while I went to the meeting.  What they needed to do was either have childcare or make sure the meeting was child friendly.  It’s that simple just put on the notice “children are welcome”.  Most people who have the option won’t bring their kids but the people like me who don’t have an option will show up at your meeting and participate because we know its OK to bring the kids.


My children’s school likes to think they know me too.  They assume I really don’t care about my children’s education because I don’t come to school events or parent teacher conferences. They assume I’m lazy when my children don’t make it to school in the mornings.  They assume a) I’m on drugs or b) I am a bad mother.  The truth is, I don’t have transportation.  Where I live there is no public transportation and I don’t have a car.  I have no way to get to parent teacher conferences or school events and if my kids miss the school bus, I have no way to get them to school.

See the school thinks they know me but they assume wrong. What the school needs to do is provide a school bus to pick up parents and children for events and parent teacher conferences.  They need to understand that being poor does not make you a bad mother.  They need to understand there are many reasons why children are truant. It’s not just black and white, things are not always what you assume they are.

So for all of you out there who think you know me……..you don’t.




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