Patriarchy In Feminism


I know what you’re thinking feminism is the opposite of patriarchy…. You’re right it is, but when I am told to make room for men in feminism that is pushing patriarchy into feminism. I am constantly hearing how women need to make room for men in feminism. Why? Why do I need to make room for you in feminism how about instead you be content being an ally and make room for me in your patriarchal society that thinks it has a right to tell me to make room for you in my movement, a movement you will never understand because you are not a woman you will never understand what women deal with on a daily basis.

My brother who I love is gay, does that make me gay? Stupid question right? Of course it doesn’t make me gay and you loving your female friends, your mother, your grandmother, your girlfriend ect… Does not make you a feminist.

The people affected have to be the ones leading the movement. You will never understand unless you yourself have been a woman in this world. You can read about it and talk to women all day everyday but you will never have the experiences just like I can fight alongside my brother for marriage equality but I will never truly understand what it is like to be denied something as simple as marrying the person you love.

Unless you are a woman you will never be able to relate to the experiences I have had as a woman, The oppression, the discrimination, the fear, and the pain. You may sympathize but you will never understand. I am not saying that you can’t be a friend or an ally. I want you to be an ally to help us carve a path for women to truly be free in this world but unless you have been in our shoes you’re NOT a feminist and don’t you dare tell me you can relate, because you cant and you will never be able to.

About Beth Dortch

I am an unofficial student meaning I am not enrolled in school but I am surrounded by very educated organizers from many different movements who have lived history and have accepted me as a student and young leader.

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