Helping out Animals in the Winter

The cold weather is upon us and it is very important for us to keep warm but it is also important for us to help the animals in our lives to stay warm.  So here are 10 tips for the animals in your lives.

10 Tips for the Animals in your Life

  1. Provide them with a shelter filed with hay if they are outside
  2. Make sure they have access to water that is not frozen
  3. Before you start you car give the hood a good smack
  4. Keep away from antifreeze it is deadly
  5. Clean their feet as salt and chemicals can irritate them.
  6. Put sweaters or coats on them when they are outside
  7. Bring them inside if possible
  8. Donate dog houses and hay to local animal shelters
  9. Put up a bird feeder and keep if full of seed or suet
  10. Donate blankets, old sweaters, and towels to your local animal shelter

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