Become a Contributor


  • Access to a computer and internet service
  • An email account
  • Experience with blogging and WordPress a plus but not required
  • Experience with creating video and YouTube a plus
  • Access to a digital camera a plus


  • You will be expected to post at least one article or video per month
  • Prefer low income individuals or for you to partner with low income individuals to develop stories and/or video to submit.
  • Stories and/or video will concentrate on issues or concerns of low income families in your area of WV.
  • Some months there will be a topic DAWG will focus on such as homelessness, food security, access to childcare, etc. You will be expected to develop your submission around that topic on those months.

Perks for You

  • You will be fully credited for your submissions
  • If you have no experience with WordPress we will provide basic training in submitting articles
  • We may provide you with the use of a flipcam and training on how to use it and create videos
  • If you have no experience with YouTube we will provide basic training on submitting videos
  • You will own your submissions and can use them for your own blogs however; DAWG will retain the right to use your submissions on the website, in newsletters, and other electronic and printed materials that will promote the organization and our mission.


You understand this is a volunteer position and you will not receive any monetary compensation from your submissions.