I am outraged at Walmart yet again but this time isn’t over their union busting, deporting instead of paying undocumented workers hired to build their stores, running terrible sweatshops or even for killing small businesses no this time they are trying to buy part of Coonskin park in Charleston. Coonskin is used by families and businesses regularly for get togethers and/or to use the many amenities provided there like mini golf, paddle boats, golf, fishing, swimming, soccer field, parks, trails, and much more.

WCHS reports on Facebook that West Virginia`s largest private employer wants to open a new store in Kanawha County, but the land they want has county officials saying `absolutely not.` Kanawha County Commission President Kent Caper said Walmart contacted them recently interested in buying property at Coonskin Park to build a supercenter.

Now I know what some of you are going to say Walmart creates jobs. My question to you is at what expense are you willing to go to create jobs? Is it worth losing parks and communities just so this cooperation can “create more jobs” for people they will treat like crap? Dont you think its getting a little ridiculous? All these companies come in to our state taking our resources and treating our people like crap? I for one am sick of it. Aren’t you? Don’t you want better for our state? Well I do and I hope you do too. You can call the County Commission and tell them you agree we don’t want Wal-mart buying any part of Coonskin  (304) 357-0100

To Wal-mart: Our state is not for sell, we love our trees, creeks, ponds, lakes, rivers, air and mountains stop trying to kill our land and our people!!  HELL NO YOU CAN’T BUILD A WALMART AT COONSKIN, I WILL TIE MYSELF TO A TREE AND I AM SURE I WONT BE ALONE IN THAT! LEAVE OUR PARKS ALONE!

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I am an unofficial student meaning I am not enrolled in school but I am surrounded by very educated organizers from many different movements who have lived history and have accepted me as a student and young leader.

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