About My Life

What is the My Life Project?

For too long outsiders, mainstream media, and even movies have portrayed people in West Virginia as “lazy hillbillies” and worse.  Now is our chance to let people know what it’s really like in West Virginia. My Life focuses on the realities of life in West Virginia.  What it is like to struggle to fight for economic justice in a state that is historically poor and ignored by the larger society and how individuals and communities are creating their own change to survive and thrive under the current economic conditions.

Who is DAWG?

Direct Action Welfare Group (DAWG) is a statewide grassroots organization comprised of current and former public assistance recipients, low wage workers, people living in poverty, and concerned individuals who come together to share information and ideas and to advocate for each other, their neighbors, and themselves.  Direct Action Welfare Group’s vision is the end of poverty in West Virginia.  In order to make this vision a reality, we advocate with low-income families for economic justice.

Why did DAWG start the My Life Project?

With so much control of the mainstream media today it is up to the people to develop methods in which to share the hidden stories and to speak truth to power. My Life gives people the opportunity to share their stories because there is power in the telling of untold stories.

What are the parts of the My Life Project?

My Life is a fairly new program and is evolving. But the following will give you an idea of the different components of the program.

My Life Blog – gives people a space to express their views on issues that affect their lives and share information about their community.

My Life Videos – consists of video interviews as well as digital storytelling.

My Life the Book – will consist of stories, essays, poetry, and photographs which will serve as a portrait of life in West Virginia.

My Life Website Policy

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This policy is subject to change at any time.