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Making Housing Choice a Reality

Housing is a growing concern for the people and leaders of West Virginia.  Making sure everyone knows about the Fair Housing Act, what it provides and who it protects is important so all West Virginians can have equal opportunity and access to housing in the community of their choice. 

In October 2007, the Northern West Virginia Center for Independent Living (NWVCIL) received the first HUD Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP) grant ever awarded in West Virginia.  As a FHIP, the NWVCIL and its community partners were able to provide education and outreach on the Fair Housing Act statewide to both consumers and housing professionals.

The West Virginia FHIP hosted community workshops, conducted marketing campaigns, and organized other activities to help people understand their rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act.  The FHIP also worked to help people understand how housing complaints can be made if they feel they have been discriminated against or that mandates of the Act have been ignored.

Currently, the partnership, now known as WVFHAN (West Virginia Fair Housing Action Network), is conducting a program to see the extent of housing discrimination in the state.  If you feel you have been a victim of housing discrimination, call WVFHAN at the NWVCIL (304) 296-6091 and talk to the Claire Chantler, Housing Advocate for West Virginia.

More information on this initiative and other Fair Housing activities will be posted on this website as they become available.  In the meantime, visit the WVFHAN website at

And remember, housing is your right and your responsibility!


The goal of the West Virginia Fair Housing Action Network (WVFHAN) is simple - to make housing choice a reality. To accomplish this, the partners are actively involved in initiatives that target education, outreach, policy and advocacy towards all housing stakeholders, from consumers and housing providers to elected officials.

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This holiday season.

A moment of silence


I heard some Christmas Carols today one verse really got to me “Tis the season to Jolly” This song has never made me cry before but after what happened in Newtown CT, I couldn’t think of anything but the faces of the crying parents and children. This Christmas my heart is heavy for families in Newtown they will not be able to hold their children anymore they wont see them open their Christmas presents instead they will be burying their children, something no parent should ever have to do. The teachers both the ones who were killed and the ones who survived are heroes in my eyes they did what they could to protect the children.

My heart goes out to all those families missing a family member this season, and to the survivors they will never be the same, Their lives are forever changed. Schools are suppose to be a safe place, I know the staff did everything they could to protect the children once the shooter was in the building but this should not have happened. How does the universe allow something like this to happen? Innocent Children should not have to fear for their lives, Innocent children should not be murdered, School should be a safe place!!

I wish their was something I could do to fix this but I cant and that really bothers me I am the kind of person who wants to fix everything and make it all better but no one can make it all better nothing we do can change what happened, nothing we do can bring those children and teachers back, nothing we do can erase this from the minds of the surviving children, there is nothing we can do but grieve with the families and hope everyone talks to a counselor to try and work through what happened.

If I could ask Santa for one wish this Christmas it would be turn back time and prevent this from happening. I know that no one will ever forget this no matter how young they are, I still remember the Oklahoma daycare bombing April 19, 1995, I was 7 I only saw it on TV for a few minutes but I remember it like it was yesterday, you don’t forget tragedies like this.

About Beth Dortch

I am an unofficial student meaning I am not enrolled in school but I am surrounded by very educated organizers from many different movements who have lived history and have accepted me as a student and young leader.

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Hello world I am the Unofficial Student!!

Why do I call myself the Unofficial Student you ask? Because people say “well you can’t say you’re a student you are not in school anymore” That may be true I am not enrolled in an official school but non the less I am a student. Everyday from the time I was a small child,  I have learned something new from talking to my elders, you know those people your parents age and older.

Who knows more about history then someone who lived it or in the case of a lot of the amazing people I have the honor of calling family and friends made history, So yes I am a student I am a student sitting at the feet of the leaders of many different movements throughout history while you sit in a classroom and read about history.  I go hang out with and talk to the people who were there and get the truth that the people who write the history books like to leave out.

I have also joined a lot of the movements your reading about because they are not over. You stand up every morning in your classroom and say the words “for liberty and justice for all” well I am fighting along side my family and friends to make that statement true because until everyone has equal rights there is no liberty and justice in this country.

I will be bringing you information and history from those who lived it so you to can be an unofficial student even if you don’t have the opportunities I do to sit at the feet of these amazing women and men.


Note: to my English teacher from elementary school if you are reading this yes I remember you are not suppose to start a sentence with because but I think I deserve bonus points for spelling it right without spell check 🙂

About Beth Dortch

I am an unofficial student meaning I am not enrolled in school but I am surrounded by very educated organizers from many different movements who have lived history and have accepted me as a student and young leader.

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