13 Halloween Tips For All Ages

My little sister when she was a baby

Pictured My sister when she was a baby

Halloween is upon us, a night full of scares, tricks and treats. Trick or Treat lands on Halloween this year in most counties here in WV.

I will be sharing tips for people taking kids Trick or Treating or to local Halloween/Harvest parties, kids/teens going Trick or Treat without adult supervision, people handing out candy and adults/teens going to parties. These tips will ensure you and everyone around you has a safe fun Halloween.

13 Tips for people taking kids Trick or Treating or to local Halloween/Harvest parties.

1. Check all candy (including candy from trusted sources because not every piece of candy is closely checked before handing it out. Of course check candy closer from strangers) Some local hospitals offer free Xrays of candy.

2. Anyone out trick or treating should wear light colored costumes, reflective tape or glow sticks help motorists to see.

3. Keep a close watch on all kids you are responsible for. (Bad people are out on Halloween and may hurt and/or abduct kids)

4. If the child is wearing a mask or a popular costume make them wear something added to their costume to help you find them if they happen to run into others dressed like them. (some kind of jewelry, ribbon, or a mark of some sort)

5. Never put kids name on their costume (Doing so may make it easier for them to be abducted because they will think that the person knows their name so it must be ok to go with them.)

6. Treats that are not wrapped and store bought don’t let kids eat them throw them out, unless they come from a trusted friend or family member.

7. Make sure kids know their address, phone number, guardians real name incase they get lost.

8. Tell kids if they get lost to go to a woman with kids and tell them they got lost and ask for help calling you and/or finding you.

9 Take a pillowcase for the kids to dump their candy in so they don’t have to carry heavy bags around.

10. Only go to houses where the porch light is on.

11. Tell kids don’t go in peoples house.

12. Check the sex offenders registry for the neighborhood you are trick or treating in and keep an eye out.

13. Drive safe and watch out for kids!!

13 Tips for kids and teens going Trick or Treat without adult supervision.

1. Don’t go out alone.

2. Always stick close to your friends.

3. Be nice to younger kids, don’t steal their candy or pick on them.

4. Check the sex offenders website for the neighborhood your trick or treating in and keep an eye out.

5.  Make sure your parents or guardian knows the route you are taking or area you will be in.

6. You or one of your friends should have a fully charged cell phone in case of emergency.

7. Only go to houses where the porch light is on.

8. Don’t go in peoples house or go anywhere with people you don’t know.

9. Don’t eat/drink homemade treats or unchecked candy

10. Make sure that motorists can see you in the dark wear a light/bright color or something reflective or that lights up

12. If you play tricks be prepared for the consequences.

13. Make sure you are home by curfew so the police don’t pick you up.

13 Tips for people handing out treats. 

1. Check all candy before you get ready to hand it out someone could have done something to it in the store

2. Make sure your porch light is on if you are handing out candy and turn it off when you run out of candy

3. Don’t make homemade treats and hand them out to kids you don’t know, it is a waste of your money

4. Make sure you have enough candy

5. Remember If you scare a child a parent/guardian could get heated.

6. Don’t hand out fruit, veggies, dental hygiene products or religious items it may get a trick played on you.

7. Don’t invite kids you don’t know into your home.

8. Check the missing childrens list and sex offender registry and be on the look out.

9. If you see older kids bullying younger kids intervene but be cautious

10. Keep your pets a safe distance from trick or treaters.

11. Don’t leave a bowl outside using the honor system the first kids there will take it all.

12. If a child comes to your house and says they are lost dont take them in the house keep them on the porch and call their guardian if they know the number and if they dont answer after you call twice and/or help the child look around for them call the police to come assist you.

13. If for any reason you have to go out and drive, drive safe and watch out for kids!!

13 Tips for adults and teens going to parties.

1. Don’t go out alone.

2. Keep an eye out for your friends and check in with them often.

3. You are responsible for your friends don’t let them leave with people you dont know.

4. If you see someone in danger intervene and help them

5.Remember the scariest thing you come across on Halloween may actually be the phone in your pocket every picture, video, tweet and status update could be seen by your parents, employer, school, kids and every other person on the planet. Nothing is private online and once it is there even if you delete it it can still be found.

6. Don’t take a drink from anyone and don’t let your drink out of your sight (My ex boyfriend/ best friend drugged and raped me on Halloween.)

7. Remember pot is not regulated and may l be laced with other stuff. As a matter of fact any drug can be laced with anything so watch out.

9. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you leave for the night.

10. If you think someone is suffering from Alcohol poisoning or has overdosed take them to the hospital they could die without medical attention.

11. Women: if a woman is obviously intoxicated or passed out don’t leave her alone with guys as a woman it is your duty to help her get home safe. Men: if a woman is obviously intoxicated or passed out get another woman to help you get her home safe don’t leave her alone with other guys and dont be alone with her without women present.

12. Don’t leave people on the side of the road by the hospital or on the side of the road by their house anything could happen to them.

13.Don’t drink or do drugs and drive or ride with anyone who does, If your friend has been drinking or doing drugs don’t let them drive.

4 other tips for everyone.

1. If you have been sexually assaulted or think you may have been go to the hospital  (Even if you don’t want to report it, you should still get checked out and get the medications that could help prevent pregnancy and STDs)

2. Everyone please remember to keep your pets ESPECIALLY black pets inside the ENTIRE day and night of Halloween and a day or two prior to as well.

3. If you must call the police or the police show up make sure to check their IDs and make sure they are real cops. If you’re suspicious call the Precinct to check.

4, Have fun and be safe!!

Note: I am not promoting or condoning drug or alcohol use especially not for minors. I am just being realistic some people will use them and I am just saying if you’re going to use them do so as responsibly as possible.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN……..Oh I almost forgot to tell you the government is watching your every move *evil laugh* No seriously they really are.


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