West Virginia commonly renounced as a beautiful piece of Appalachia, with little hollers and small towns tucked away in the mountains and their landscapes. A coal miner state but also known for many other natural gases like timber, oil, and gas. Threw out history many techniques have been used to capture these valuable natural resources the beautiful state possessed. These natural resources sparked an economics, social, and political interest in the state. These trends at the time served greatly to not only the state, but to the nation as a whole. The misuse and abuse of coal and mining have taken great effect on the mountains and the state of West Virginia. Mountain top removal, unclaimed strip mines, and clear cuts in the beautiful hills of West Virginia have made a social, economical, and environmental stigmata for the state.

At the time of industrialization the amount of coal removed from the state set a standard for modern coal companies. more »

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Helping out Animals in the Winter

The cold weather is upon us and it is very important for us to keep warm but it is also important for us to help the animals in our lives to stay warm.  So here are 10 tips for the animals in your lives. more »

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13 Halloween Tips For All Ages

My little sister when she was a baby

Pictured My sister when she was a baby

Halloween is upon us, a night full of scares, tricks and treats. Trick or Treat lands on Halloween this year in most counties here in WV.

I will be sharing tips for people taking kids Trick or Treating or to local Halloween/Harvest parties, kids/teens going Trick or Treat without adult supervision, people handing out candy and adults/teens going to parties. These tips will ensure you and everyone around you has a safe fun Halloween. more »

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I am outraged at Walmart yet again but this time isn’t over their union busting, deporting instead of paying undocumented workers hired to build their stores, running terrible sweatshops or even for killing small businesses no this time they are trying to buy part of Coonskin park in Charleston. Coonskin is used by families and businesses regularly for get togethers and/or to use the many amenities provided there like mini golf, paddle boats, golf, fishing, swimming, soccer field, parks, trails, and much more. more »

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What’s with the Coat Hanger?

I attended the Stand With WV Women Rally Oct. 09, 2013 at Marshall University as a resident of WV I am not a student. Some people on campus not involved in the rally understood the sign I carried (Pictured above) right away others sadly did not and I’m not just talking about people of my generation, people who were around before Roe v Wade asked me the “What’s that sign mean?” “What’s with the coat hanger?” mostly men. I explained to them what it meant and why I had it more »


Yes Virginia, Feminists Do Wear Lipstick


This is to all the feminists that feel like we need to conform to the image what feminists are suppose to look like. We don’t have to change who we are to be a feminist we can wear makeup, we can wear dresses and dance on table tops if we want to that doesn’t make us less of a feminist. more »


Patriarchy In Feminism


I know what you’re thinking feminism is the opposite of patriarchy…. You’re right it is, but when I am told to make room for men in feminism that is pushing patriarchy into feminism. I am constantly hearing how women need to make room for men in feminism. Why? Why do I need to make room for you in feminism how about instead you be content being an ally and make room for me in your patriarchal society more »

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10 Tips for Back to School

  1.  Teach your child never to talk to strangers or accept rides or gifts from strangers. Remember, a stranger is anyone you or your children don’t know well or don’t trust.
  2.  Teach your children to yell “that’s not my Daddy/Mommy” when approached by a stranger.  Bystanders often ignore a child that is yelling “help” or “stop” because they think they are throwing a temper tantrum.
  3.  Be sure that your child knows his or her parents real name, home phone number and address, your work number, the number of another trusted adult and how to call 911 for emergencies.
  4.  Children who walk to school should use sidewalks whenever possible. On streets with no sidewalks, walk on the side of the road, facing traffic.
  5.  Walk the school route along with your children before the first day of school to make sure it is safe and your child knows the route.When you can’t walk with your children, encourage them to walk with a friend .Encourage your kids to avoid short cuts unless they have been approved.
  6.  Cross the street at least 12 feet in front of the school/city bus, where the bus driver can see them and they can see the bus driver.
  7.  Never put a child’s name on their backpack or any place it’s visible to strangers.  Using a child’s name is one of the first and easiest ways for a stranger to establish trust with your child.
  8.  When home alone tell children to keep doors locked at all times, and never open the door. Tell children that they should never give out personal information over the phone, or volunteer family schedules or whereabouts to callers they do not know.
  9.  Tell children to never approach the car of someone asking for directions, or agree to help an adult search for something. If they sense trouble from a stranger, they should run to the nearest public place for help.
  10.  Teach your children the difference between appropriate touching and touching that makes them feel scared or uncomfortable. Tell them that they should talk to you if anyone — a family friend, neighbor, baby sitter or relative — tried to touch their body.

If you have any tips for parents or children please share them in the comment section below.

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Buying on a Budget


Many families struggle to make ends meet during America’s current economic crisis. This doesn’t just included mortgages, car payments, insurance, and medical bills, but also other necessities such as food and toiletries. One way to help stretch your dollar is to use coupons. The key is to know when and when not to use them. more »


10 Tips To Protect Yourself In A Rape Culture.

Hey Sisters  I know it sucks that we even have to think about this sort of thing because boys should be taught not to rape. We  shouldn’t have to learn how help prevent tourselfs from being raped. I am a rape survivor and I want this post to be a learning tool for my sisters around the world to help prevent them having to go through what I went through. I know this is stuff that alot of us have been taught since we were kids but it is good to have a refresher course and if you don’t know now you will. more »